This will be my weekend project! VERY EXCITED! 

Your nephew wants to know why you’re stacking cookies. You reply, “How else are you going to hide them in your sleeves?”

This will be my weekend project! VERY EXCITED! 


Your nephew wants to know why you’re stacking cookies. You reply, “How else are you going to hide them in your sleeves?”

Spice Market Coming Soon!! 


Not Your Ordinary CAFETERIA Food

New week new review!

Cafeteria got their first big break when the ladies of Sex and City sat down and had their usual talks at the oh so chic restaurant. As soon as you walk in you are hit with this amazing modern and sexy ambiance. This is the perfect place for a girls night out, nothing too fancy, you can just sit down and have a good time. 

I went to this place based on a friend’s recommendation, she has nothing but nice things to say about their food and of course their drinks. With two of my sorority girls in tow, we walked in on a busy Friday night. 

We started off with their famous Mac and Cheese, with so many varieties we opted for the Mac Attack Tasting of All 3 Mac and Cheese they had to offer. 

This Mac Attack did not disappoint every bite that we took was just DELISH to say the least. With 3 enticing options Cheddar And Fontina, Smoked Gouda and Bacon, and Truffle Oil. My personal favorite was the smoked gouda and bacon, the flavor of the smoked gouda is very distinctive, and definitely packs a punch to your regular Mac and Cheese.

That’s for appetizers, now lets head to main course! 

Whenever I see fish and chips on a menu, my brain tells my eyes to stop looking because that will be IT. I personally think the fish and chips were EHH.. it was not extra ordinary, and it definitely lacked flavor. I would say I had better fish and chips from a random bar. (Not in London, NY area of course! ) 

One of my friends had their Braised Short Rib Tacos, this dish was yum! I was actually surprised it tasted as good as it did, since Cafeteria is known for giving their own twist on American cuisine. The beef was marinated with a sweet and salty flavor, very juicy, and tender. You can definitely tell they spent a lot of time cooking the meat. 

 My other friend had their Fried Chicken N’ Waffles. I must say this was the biggest disappointment of the night, the chicken was tasteless, and was overcooked, leaving the chicken dry. I really did not enjoy sampling her plate. 


Red Velvet Cake in a Jar
Cream Cheese Frosting, Chocolate Pearls

The red velvet, was EXTREMELY dry, and it was very hard to dig in the jar, to get every bit of it. In my opinion, the cake was over baked since the cake sticked to the side of the jar. My friends and I really didn’t enjoy this dessert. 

I am a sucker for Creme Brule so this one definitely hit the spot, you just can’t go wrong with “Burnt Custard”. 

To end the night we had the spiked sorbet. What I like about this is that you can’t taste the alcohol in the sorbet, but you definitely know its there since it hits you afterwards. 

I would say Cafeteria is not the best restaurant out there, but it is worth checking out for their dessert, and their mac and cheese. I would give them a 6 out of 10, just because their entrees fell short. 


Coming Soon Fig & Olive


Coming Soon Cafeteria Restaurant! 

Coming Soon Cafeteria Restaurant! 

Mile End: A Montreal Jewish Delicatessen in Brooklyn

Hi my fellow foodies, 

I know i haven’t updated this blog in awhile, I blame my busy schedule and my busy mouth for that! But now I owe it to myself, and of course to you to chronicle my EXTREMELY busy busy mouth. With that being said let me just dive right into this YUMMY joint called MILE END. I went here with my family for a simple brunch, after seeing this in one of the Food Network shows, I cannot same to remember which one exactly. But, I remember them talking about the yummy poutin, and pastrami they had to offer.  

The wait was pretty long I believe we waited for a good 45 minutes, before we a got a table for 3!! By the time we sat down what we had was considered lunch and not brunch. 

Now lets get to the food! The menu was simple, there were no complicated names or nothing like that. I opted for "The Beauty" which included, lox, cream cheese, capers, tomato, onion, and bagel. ( I requested it to be open)

Overall The Bagel was just simply amazing! Every ingredient they used were extremely fresh, and you can feel the “made with love” feeling in every bite, it definitely made the 45 minute worth while. They served it with yellow tomatoes which made very happy, since they went the extra mile (get it mile? haha) to give you the best ingredients. 
Now you must be think what a dumb dumb I am for not trying their pastrami and poutine right? Well I am getting there! 
Next up is their pride and joy called "Smoked Meat Deluxe" , my brother decided to tackle this one since the name seemed fitting to his appetite at the moment. The Deluxe includes smoked meat, pickles, slaw, and frites on the side. 
The Pastrami is good, but I wouldn’t call it amazing sadly. The meat were seasoned but, not as well as i expected it to be. It needed some more kick to it; I am not sure if its because I was so hyped up for it because people were raving about it, or maybe they had an off day, but I will give their pastrami a 6/10. 
Lastly would be their poutine!
Now this yummy goodness right here is just AHHHHHHMAAAZING! I just sit at my job, and think about this yummy plate right here. I made a silly request, and asked for more gravy (yea as if that wasn’t enough right?) Unless, you are gravy sucking dracula/ vampire, DONT! They give you the perfect ratio of meat, gravy, frites, and cheese curds. They have the ends of the pastrami, which is my favorite part, served with fries and gravy, all of them put together is like disco in my tongue. 9/10 Definitely!
Final Thought? I would say go give Mile End a shot, you might be surprised how you love the simpler side of brunch. They definitely offer an at home feeling from the moment you walk in, with a cozy atmosphere. This place is something worth trying.  


Traditional Dinning (Gloria Maris@ Greenhills)

Hmm… where do I start about Gloria Maris, lets put it this way I have been going to Gloria Maris as little as 7 I believe. We went here for our regular night out dinners weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, and any type or form of gathering. Yup it’s almost every Chinese/ Filipino’s go to location for any occasion. With that being said, Gloria Maris has this whole family atmosphere, that makes their food feel like your grandma just made it fresh from the kitchen. I guess that what sets them apart from the other chinese restaurants. 

My family and I paid a visit to Gloria Maris because it was my grandma’s birthday (told you EVERY family gathering!! haha) We had a table for 13 people, my uncle ordered up since he was the foodie expert. My uncle talked to Pauline, our usual go to person in that restaurant, she lets us know what’s hot on the menu this month. Meanwhile, I just sat there cracking jokes with my sister and talking to my cousin who calls my brother man vs. food, yes it means exactly what it says…. A few moments later our food came, OHHH my eyes lit up, I was reminded of my childhood favorites coming from all direction!  

We started off with the Watermelon Duck Salad, if I were to choose a word to describe this dish it would be HEAVEN! The salad came with some jellyfish and some slices of mangos and watermelon and some caramelized cashews.. YUMM!!! This is something you must order every time you visit Gloria, you can’t miss it. 

Next we had the regular Cold Cuts Assortment, I was not too fond of this dish. In my opinion the dish has deteriorated over the years I remember it being my favorite once.. but now I cant even remember if this dish was served at all. 

Out comes the Praying Mantis, this dish is superb it was like a hybrid of both shrimp and lobster, so you can only imagine how good it tasted! I only had one though (Damn allergies kicked in) with that one bit tasted; I can taste the savory seasoning with it and how perfectly cooked it was. The meat was easy to get out of the shell, lets just say even though I had allergies I simply WANTED MORE! 

Then here comes the worst dish of them all… the dreaded Chicken Salad. Yup, chicken salad at a chinese restaurant!?!?! So many things wrong with that statement i know, but never the less I tried it. Despite it’s unappetizing presentation I mastered up the courage to give it a try, and boy do I regret it. The taste was terrible something about breaded fried chicken strips with fruits and mayo just did not go together! *cringes* I just want to forget! My sister tried it as well, and had a very notable puke face, that is self explanatory.

Fast Forwarding to the dessert… 

For dessert we had the option of avocado sago, mango sago, and this ube pudding/ gelo like type of thing. I tried it but it was rather bland and tasteless.. just as i expected it to be. The sagos on the other hand was yummayyy! The avocado and mango were sweet, and its sweet to the point that it is just right; one thing’s for sure, their mango sago has not changed one bit! It still taste exactly like how it was when I was 7. 

Gloria Maris has indeed satisfied every single craving I have, tingling almost every taste bud I had with all it’s flavors. Sure, there were a couple of hits and misses.. but I think the good definitely surpassed the bad in this case. 

Since we ordered a lot I cannot mention everything… so here goes well EVERYTHING! 

Birthday Noodle

Scallops with Celery

Duck with Taro

Fish with Tao So 

Fashion Avenue

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Sweet Storm (Banapple @ II Terrazo Mall)

Amidst the Falcon typhoon at Philippines, the II Terrazo Mall was still brightly lit and ready to serve all the hungry Filipinos that are crazy enough to go out and get them some dessert. Sadly, my family and I are some of those people (I think it would take more than a storm to stop us, but that’s a different story) My Family and I decided to stop by Banapple after dinner @ Omakase. My sister told me that they were well known for their banoffee pie. I was curious so I told her lets give it a try. 

From the outside banapple entices their yummy foodistas with bright letters and glass doors. We were welcomed by a sweet lady standing outside; as soon as you walk in you get to see all their cakes rang from honey oat cake to a simple blueberry cheesecake, they also have brownies and muffin on the side; but that did not draw much attention since it was all the way to the corner as if the store was ready to bring them back to the kitchen. When I first walked in I really did not want anything from the display counter, everything just looked too sweet for my liking, but my sister encouraged me try their famous Banoffee and i eventually caved in. We ended up getting one Banoffee slice and one slice of Apple Crumble Pie. Now for the much awaited review…

The Apple Crumble Pie was subpar, it was too much cinnamon and the crust was just not as good as other apple pies I’ve had. On the upside, the pie had freshly cut apples and you can really tell that they were not being a cheapo about the apples inside either. 

Now on to the Banoffee, it was surprisingly not as sweet as it looked.. Although it was still sweet to the point where I cannot eat the whole slice all by myself or else I will have a cavity. The pie is filled with sliced bananas and a layer of dulce de leche, so you can see where the cavity will be coming from. I am not quite sure if I should taste a little bit of coffee in this pie though, as the name suggested. All i tasted was bananas, a heaping amount of sugar in the crust and dulce de leche to hold the filling together. The pie was not amazing, but if you are really craving for something on the really sweet side then maybe you can try Banapple’s Banoffee.

Banapple @ II Terrazo Mall